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9 September 2004

Update: Okay, I'm moderately proud of this patch, *it works* - gaim-remote 'send' works again. More importantly, it was committed to CVS HEAD! Thanks, Luke! gr-9sep04.diff.

14 December 2003

Update: Okay, I'm not terribly proud of this patch, but *it works* - gaim-remote 'send' works again. g-r_14dec03.diff.

2 August 2003

Seemingly stable patch - 0.68cvs patch


Errant away msg code #if 0'd out

Away messages only work once - this is because I'm using the serv_away method, instead of making an away msg object & calling the UI function (which needs core/ui split)

15 March 2003
Below patch has been made to reflect Nathan Walp's (faceprint) move from deprecated GLib string comparisons. (One line had to be changed :-)).
Okay, another little change has been made. Thanks, Nathan, for pointing out a silly mistake of mine.
Updated against new blist code - diff. Many of the below notes still apply. highly recommended :-).
This patch has been updated, fixing a pre-existing segfault, a doc issue, and some newly introduced segfault opportunities.\

Documentation (sparse)

Use the source, Luke

Quick docs: (formal help sections will be written in a few days)
**Actually, the most accurate help info can be found from gaim-remote's help command (e.g. `gaim-remote help send`)

`gaim-remote info` - Prints out open connections/accounts (User name, protocol name)
This information can be handy for use with `gaim-remote send`:
$ gaim-remote send --to=penguin --from=the_bucket --proto=IRC --message="this
is from gaim-remote"
And last, but not least, `gaim-remote list` prints out your buddy list, using
the following format:
     Buddy, Away? [0/1], Alias, (Acct, Proto) that buddy belongs to


#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

Use this perl script in another SSH/terminal session to keep an eye on your logs while conversing with people using the 'send' command - it will `tail` all your logs, and strip the HTML from them if you log with HTML enabled. (highlighted source)

Use this perl script to make the interactive sending of IMs easier. Once you've specified who the message is from and to (which can be selected from lists), you can compose new messages to the same recipient without entering the same command over and over again. This is best used with (above). (highlighted source)
n.b. This program seems to have a bug in it, whereby it does not properly escape certain things before executing them, such as '&', single quote marks, and '-'. I'm quite sure this is a bug with & not gaim-remote. seems to like my girlfriend more, as it didn't exhibit this problem when she tried it :-/.

Use this as a nicer interface to jtalkie. It will give you a text based menu to peruse your previously unviewed conversations. More docs and code to come for this one...

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